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Industrial Storage

The continental experts in collateral management and stock monitoring & auditing.

We provide Collateral Management (CMA) and Stock Monitoring (SMA) services .

We provide Collateral Management services to commodity traders, financial institutions, commodities and mineral resource owners, processors and other organisations requiring custody , care and control of physical trade assets.


DMT also specializes in Field Warehousing, Contract Warehousing (which involves back-to-back issuance of storage documents covering goods in an independent warehouse), Non-custodial verification, Receivables certification and control assuring physical availability of assets, and professional stock monitoring services.


Our footprint covers 32 countries across Africa combining regional and field offices. Our organisational structure is clearly defined to ensure maximum care over our clients’ assets and our offices are strategically positioned so that our trained and qualified resources are easily deployable on the continent.

Our Value Proposition

Stock Market Data

The Right Technology

We provide fit for purpose , robust and agile use of technology to mitigate risks for assets under our care .Reporting intelligence is flexible ,customised and easy to deploy

Knowledgeable Workforce

Since our establishment in 2009 , we have recruited , trained and retained an enviable pool of experts who are geared towards ensuring the success of every project we undertake. We learn from our experiences and adapt accordingly to improve our organisations performance , value and impact.

Legal Agreements

Our success is based on adopting sound and firm collateral management principles to ensure the performance of every contract is undertaken with the utmost care . We set ambitious goals and take ownership to deliver on commitments we undertake individually and collectively.

Reliable Processes

We adopt strict Quality Management Systems aligned to ISO 9001. In fact , our stringent internal control processes in assuring and protecting your assets are one of the pinnacles of our success. These quality processes are standardised across all our operations from a central point.

The Role of Collateral Management

Collateral Management is rapidly becoming an essential and integral part of a financial institutions risk and regulatory compliance framework.
Apart from evolving into a dedicated business practice , collateral management is gaining in importance as an effective risk mitigation technique in the areas of credit risk and market risk management 

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